Preparing Diverse Students For In-Demand Careers

About Us

We aspire to increase economic empowerment within the Black and Brown communities.

We identify, recruit, and develop students and young adults with an interest in high-demand STEM careers. We have a strong focus on preparing the next generation of workforce professionals from underserved communities. Our goal is to develop future Kool Nerds, career-focused students, who will increase diversity in our country’s STEM based workforce.

The Challenge

Employers face the growing challenge of finding a skilled workforce from Black and Brown communities to fill open STEM positions. Challenges include:

✓ Lack of quality STEM education in primary and secondary schools

✓ Lack of exposure to STEM careers

✓ Low attrition in college STEM programs

Our interaction with students and young adults is targeted towards providing a highly qualified pool of candidates from which employers can select.

Our Program

Our A.C.E.D. model provides the academic, emotional, and social navigators Black and Brown students need to succeed in school and beyond.

How it Works

✓ Academic support to assist students with the entrance exam to STEM based post-secondary programs 

✓ Assistance with admission applications

✓ Counseling

✓ Financial Assistance

✓ Mentors

✓ Soft Skills development

Our Team

Raymond Farquharson

Head of Board

Stephanie Evans

Board Member


What’s Happening!

EMT Certification Training in Mount Vernon, NY!


Kool Nerd Prep, in partnership with Mount Vernon City School District, provides EMT Certification Training at Mount Vernon High School. This training program is an opportunity for students to learn EMS skills, receive NYS certification, and better position themselves for employment.

Participants practice taking blood pressure, patient assessments, applying splints on arms and legs, assessing for injuries after motor vehicle accidents, and other EMS responsibilities. We are also happy to announce that our students are now CPR certified through the American Heart Association!

“My experience has been amazing, I’ve learned many ways to save people from choking or just sickness overall. If I was to find someone in a car accident, I would know how to handle the situation whether or not an ambulance was at the scene already.”  – Curtis, 11th Grade